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I have secured tickets to the May 2nd Brewers game at Miller Park. According to the official site, lots of other people had the same general idea. Unfortunately, it’s not adding to my Teams Seen In Person total as I saw the Diamondbacks play the Twins in Minnesota last year. Due to general uncertainty, I’ll be waiting to get any other Brewers tickets. Milwaukee is a long and annoying six hours away, after all.

Twins single game tickets go on sale next Saturday. I’m going to attempt to get tickets for the last series at the Dome, even if they are in GA, because goodness knows I’ve seen the Twins play the Royals at the end of the year every year between 1987-93 and in 2007-08, and some Royals game in ’01 that wasn’t at the end of the season. If I don’t see the Royals play the Twins in any given year that I’m actually attending Twins games, something is wrong. Since the other series the Royals are in town is the same weekend I’ll be in Milwaukee, I must go at the end of the year. Simple as that.

As for Warm Summer Days Outdoors, I’ll be heading for Detroit to see the Brewers attempt to beat them in June. Hopefully Verlander won’t no-hit them again.


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