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The complete research for a BCB post to be ejected later–post title says it all; all players born before 1973 signed to major league contracts for the 2010 season. (more…)


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rebooting the blog

I haven’t been posting here because I’ve either been too busy or I’ve been blogging at Brew Crew Ball. The busy I can’t fix, but due to work fixing my schedule and not for the better I won’t be doing the occasional weekend shift at BCB. Thus, well, I should be blogging and putting up short non-Brewers link roundups here. (KLSnow and the gang still have the best Brewers link roundups; start your day with a Frosty Mug.)

Despite the Twins playing outdoors this year, I’m not changing the name of the blog either. I got seriously scorched on my trip to Detroit and I hate heat so I’ll be safely blogging from inside. My trips to Milwaukee are scheduled for May and September and the Miller Park roof will probably be closed.

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