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What games should you watch today? I’m going to dispense with any fancy formulas or anything else exciting like that and just tell you the sorts of things I like to watch. I like pitchers and flashy defense and big showy offense and quirkiness, so anything I tell you to watch is based on that. All times are in Central, because I live there.

Today’s Good Pitching and Offense Excitement is probably the Rangers at Tigers at 3:08. You’ve got Rick Porcello who is having a season resembling decent, against the Rangers rookie Nick Martinez who is also having a stealthy decent small sample size of a season. Martinez wasn’t on any top prospect lists entering 2014 and he came up directly from AA Frisco this year after the Rangers ran into over 9000 injuries to starters. If I were actually home this afternoon, this would be the game I’d watch. Mostly because I have bad luck in seeing decent!Porcello, as I’ve seen him pitch in person a few times and…it was highly meh.

In the Hey, Interesting Dept., the Dodgers at Phillies at 2:05 features the major league debut of the Phillies’ David Buchanan. Buchanan is a more conventional callup from AAA Lehigh Valley here to replace Cliff Lee. I can’t tell if he’s a ground ball or a fly ball pitcher with his splits from the last two seasons. That in itself is interesting. Let’s see what he does with the Dodgers.


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