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The Red Sox have Jed Lowrie playing games at first base in preparation for his becoming Adrian Gonzalez’s primary backup.

Jeff Samardzija will be in the Cubs bullpen if he makes the team. His minor league starts were apparently just to develop him further as a pitcher and weren’t his intended role.

Barry Enright is working on his changeup.

Yet another ST story about Loek van Mil…the Angels appear to be thinking a lot more highly of him than the Twins did, even with his original placement on the 40-man roster before the 2010 season.

Duke Snider’s arm injury is pretty much the ultimate story on why there shouldn’t be clowning during batting practice. Even though, as a fan, I enjoy it….

I don’t normally link to Deadspin, but these leaked AOL FanHouse emails give me a lot of respect for some of the guys who wrote at FanHouse. A policy not to gate off female bloggers into their own section…well, that’s exactly what I like to see. Maybe that’s also one of the reasons there are so many female contributors at SBNation sites…you get one woman posting, then you get more women, and then even more. (Although some of the blogs are still epically sexist. I’m sure we can name those for ourselves.)


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The interesting stuff that either isn’t Brewers-related or didn’t stand out enough to make it into today’s Mug:

Jason Isringhausen hasn’t faced major-league hitters since 2009, but for some reason he’s got a good chance of making the Mets bullpen. (Possibly because it is, after all, the Mets bullpen?)

Pitching profile of one of my favorites, Justin Masterson

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